Paying Fines

Any fines assessed by the court will need to be paid in a timely fashion and in accordance with any payment plans arranged with the court. Payments are to be made at City Hall.

If you recieve a municipal traffic citation and wish to pay the pre-assessed fine instead of appearing in court:

1. Sign the back of the yellow copy of the citation you received. This is the same as appearing and pleading "Guilty"

2. The pre-assessed fine should have been provided at the time you received the citation. If not, call the court clerk for the amount.

3. Deliver the signed citation along with cash or money order for the correct amount to City Hall, or Money orders can be mailed to :

Granby Municipal Court

302 N Main St.

Granby, MO 64844


1. Go to Missouri State (

2. Click "Litigant Name" and then enter name on the citation

3. Find & Click the Correct Case

4. Click "Plead & Pay" link in the middle of the page... By doing this you are pleading GUILTY to the Fine.


Please be sure to include a copy of the citation with payment, as it helps processing and ensuring the fine is applied to the correct citation. After the court has had sufficient time to process the payment, you should be able to call and verify with the court that your payment was received.