City Administrator

Lawna Price has been with the City of Granby since May of 2015, acting as City Clerk until her appointment as City Administrator in January of 2024.  Lawna has worked in local, state, and county government for 11 years before accepting a position in a private law firm where she stayed for 15 years prior to her employment with Granby. 

The responsibilities of a city administrator include but are not limited to:

1. Administrative Oversight: Managing day-to-day operations of the city government, including departments such as public works, parks and recreation, finance, and human resources.

2. Budget Management: Developing and overseeing the city budget, ensuring funds are allocated appropriately and efficiently.

3. Policy Implementation: Implementing policies and decisions made by the city council or mayor, and advising them on administrative matters.

4. Personnel Management: Hiring, supervising, and evaluating city employees, ensuring compliance with employment laws and city policies.

5. Public Relations: Serving as a spokesperson for the city, communicating with the public, media, and other stakeholders.

6. Infrastructure and Development: Overseeing city planning and development activities to promote growth and maintain infrastructure.

7. Legal Compliance: Ensuring that city operations comply with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

8. Financial Accountability: Maintaining transparency and accountability in financial matters, including audits and reporting.

Overall, the city administrator plays a crucial role in the efficient and effective functioning of local government, bridging the gap between elected officials and city departments to ensure the city operates smoothly and serves its residents well.